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Little Krishna – Darling Of Vrindavan is a 3D computer-animated series which is a co-creation between BIG Animation and The Indian Heritage Foundation. It depicts the loving childhood pastimes of Lord Sri Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead. The stories revolve around sweet Little Krishna, the land of Vrindavan and the life of villagers there. Little Krishna is a lovable and mischievous character always helping his friends and villagers.

Total of 13 episodes have been broadcasted so far. The show has aired on Nickelodeon, and is still having re-runs. I was so adored to see this series on TV. All the characters are so cute, and the show itself is enjoyable to watch. As today is Sri Krishna Jayanthi (also known as KrishnashtamiAshtami Rohini, Janmashtami) a Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Krishna, an Avatar of the Hindu deity Vishnu, I had a thought of doing this fan-art 2D picture of Krishna based on the original series. I was a bit quick in the process, because I wanted this to be uploaded today before evening!

I hope this is okay! Those who like this must check out the original series on Nick. (only then you can blame how bad I’ve done ;) I’ve ruined the eyes, maybe lips, perhaps even the peacock feather!! )..  Do visit Little Krishna official page. Hear the melodious music from the flute, maybe you’ll love it . Copy it down to your phone, and hear it all the time!!Lol.. Have fun!! Enjoy!!



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